Sky Blue - 12 x Color Inks
Sky Blue - 12 x Color Inks
Sky Blue - 12 x Color Inks
Sky Blue - 12 x Color Inks

Sky Blue - 12 x Color Inks

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  • The Crystal Glass Pen will have your ideas flowing with ease as it glides across paper, whether you're just starting your creative path or an expert. Writing, lettering, calligraphy, and even drawing can all be accomplished with it. Anyone can benefit from the use of the Crystal Glass Pen.

  • 12 Ink Bundle - Get your creative juices flowing with 12 beautiful inks to choose from. Each bottle of ink has glitter mixed in which gives you that extra sparkle to your work.

  • Easy to Use, Easy to Clean - Just dip to get started. If you want to change colors or clean your tip, just dip it in water.

  • Handcrafted Design - The balanced lightweight design floats in the hand which is perfect for hours of use.

  • The Perfect Gift - Make your loved ones feel extra special this holiday season.

What's in the box

1 x Sky Blue Glass Pen

12 x Color Inks


How to Use

  • Dip - Dip the pen lightly into the ink so it can fill up the grooves.
  • Draw - Gently glide the pen on top of the paper and let it flow.
  • Wash - To change the color of the ink, wash off any residual ink that is stuck in the grooves.